Q I was born after 1988, where do I get my boaters license?

A https://www.boat-ed.com/florida/ It is free. It takes an hour or so and is a really good course. It’s important to know what you are doing and I guarantee that you will learn something even if youve been on the water your whole life!

Q Do I need to come to you?
A No! call me and we will set up a location. 863-840-3417

Q Do your boats include gas?
A One full tank is provided on each boat. When you return the boat I’ll charge you the difference. Usually not more than 40 dollars. I’ll give you a gas can if needed. Just use 93 octane.

Q Where can I get lake toys and boat supplies?
A Lake Placid Marine. They treat you like family. The prices are fair and the service is excellent. The mechanics are honest and rvryone there knows their stuff!

Q How long will I have the boat?
A as early as we arrange it and until 6pm. Many choose to rent for multiple days or even weekly because it is cheaper.

Q How many people can fit on your boats?
A Up to 13, but that is pushing the weight limit. I’d say comfortably 8 or so, with a mixture of light and heavy occupants. If u need to accomodate a larger group, rent two boats and I’ll give you a discount.

Q Can I bring my dog?
A Yes, of course! For the safety of your pet, please watch them carefully. I had a dog fall overboard once. Thankfully we noticed and saved him. Our local marina and walmart carry doggy life vests.

Q Can I fish? what can I catch?
A Yes. bass, crappy/spec, bluegill, chain pickerel, sunfish, gar, brim and catfish. To get a fishing license online goto http://www.fwc.com

Q What are the best lakes for fishing in Lake Placid?
The top 3 fishing are Lake Istokpoga, Lake Clay and Lake Placid. There are fish in every lake and I catch fish in Lake June.

Q Are there alligators?
A yes. but you probably wont see them on the recreational lakes like: June, Placid, Clay, Huntley, Grassy ect..You will
see them on Istokpoga and Josephine in South Sebring.. I always pull my kids and pets out of the lake an hour or two before sunset. Dad used to say that gators are more afraid of you then you are of them. My dad was brave.

Q Did I see a bald eagle?
A YES! we have them all over here. Also look for osprey, hawks and Scrub Jay! Bring your binoculars out on the boat rental when you are visiting Lake Placid!

Q What kind of motors are on your pontoon boat rentals?
A Yamaha four strokes mostly!

Q Where can we go to eat? What is good?
A Here is where I can get into trouble. I love to eat. We have Jaxsons, Dock 633, Alumni Grill, Beef O’ Bradys’, Golden Corral, Schoonis, Mainstreet, and a new seafood restaurant called “The Lazy Lobster shanty” on 621. tell them all I sent you so they give me discounts 🙂 Some folks get subs from Publix or Subway, or some go to Burgerking, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s. My favorite Chinese place is next to the Publix Liquor store, the owner’s name is Susan. Kang’s has good sushi.

Q Do I need to clean the boat before I return it?
A No worries. I’ll remove bottles and cans and clean off the deck for the next customer.

Q Can you recommend where I can rent jetskis?

A No not locally.


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