Another beautiful weekend in Lake Placid

People ask me “ what do you do up here for fun?” Just this weekend I sat outside at Wet Dogs Brewery and had a pint of their Irish Red, I swam at the sandbar with my daughter and her friend, I went fishing for bluegill, I ate sashimi at Cang’s, I watched my daughter’s swim meet, I played ball with Daisy ( my bestie and Labradoodle), I celebrated a sunset. Now it is 6am on Sunday and I’m having coffee and waiting for 9am worship service at First Presbyterian. After Church I’ll cook on the grill, sit on the dock, pull a tube or kneeboard, swim, fish and hang with my bestie and family. We are Blessed to live here in Lake Placid and I’m Blessed to have a business that encompasses and promotes doing many things I love! What do you do for fun?

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